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Spreadmax TT750 Fertiliser Spreader


Particularly well suited to very undulating, pugged or soft ground conditions, the TT750's fully oscillating suspension absorbs bumps and eliminates the jarring effect that the single axle machines give when towed over these conditions.

The ground preassure of the TT750 is half what its single axle counterparts are due to the preassure being spread across for wheels instead of two which is a huge benefit in soft & puggy conditions, the TT750 also boasts the Vogal Easy lock drive system.

Offset hopper placing more weight over drawbar.

Formerly known as 'TT825'

Hopper Capacity750L/13x40kg Urea
Overall Width1990mm
Loading Height1500mm
Dry Weight195kg
  • Hopper base integral part of main frame
  • Unique drive engagement system
  • Heavy duty galvanised frame
  • Widest machines with lowest centre of gravity

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