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Spreadmax EX750 Fertiliser Spreader


The huge 750 litre thick moulded polyethene hopper has been designed to be used in conjuction with 500 kg bulk bags of Urea.  Packed with features such as 3 fin marine grade aluminium spinner discs complete with stainless steel fasteners and shutter plates, plastic spinner shield to protect operator from debris and shield spinner from turbulence, easy lock drive engagement system and wide track width, the EX750 is a cost effective solution to those who do not require the stability and low ground preassure features of the 'TT750' for soft &/or undulating ground.

Holding 500 kg bags of Urea with ease.

Formerly known as 'Spreadmax 500 Plus'

Hopper Capacity750L/13x40kg Urea
Overall Width1800mm
Loading Height1500mm
Dry Weight152kg
  • Hopper base integral part of main frame
  • Unique drive engagement system
  • Heavy duty galvanised frame
  • Widest machines with lowest centre of gravity

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