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MAXIT Precision Late Lime and Fertiliser Spreader


Late Fertilising

MAXIT fully trailing fertiliser spreaders are designed to respond to the requirements of professional operators and contractors for the distribution of organic and chemical fertiliser to large extensions of land. The solid construction of the bearing frame allows for speeds of up to 40km/hr.

The distribution unit is composed of two spreading discs with adjustable radial blades in stainless steel and a heavy duty rubber conveyer which guarantees near total uniformity with the forward movement of the tractor that is controlled by a hydraulic motor connected to the onboard computer management system.

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Weight (kg)14301500
Capacity (m3)3.55.0
Height (m)1.962.25

Optional Equipment-

Roll back PVC cover, Mobile deflector, Tire size options

  • Computer for data management, GPS compatible
  • Fully hydraulic function
  • 12-28m spread width
  • AVC Varnishing process for high resistance to corrosion
  • Stainless Steel Hopper

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