Agrex XPS - Fertiliser Spreader

Agrex XPS Entry Level


Compact Strength

The XPS fertiliser spreaders are excellent for full-field distribution, even on small and medium-sized unlevel fields. By adding hopper extensions to the 800 litre model, 1000, 1200 and 1500 litre capacities can be obtained. All models are supplied with standard filtering grids to prevent any lumps of fertiliser from blocking the gates and compromising quantity accuracy and spreading uniformity. The charts supplied with the machine enable the operator to regulate the working width and the fertiliser load for spreading widths of up to 24 m.

ModelCapacityMax LoadWeightHopper width

Optional Equipment-

PVC cover, Dual fertiliser discharge, Tail lights, Trailer mounting

  • In-House quality testing
  • AVC Painting processes
  • Superior back up service

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