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Sitrex Finishing Mowers


The Sitrex Finishing Mower is the perfect mower for maintaining parks, golf courses, athletic fields, highway maintenance and farming.  Their smaller size means they can be operated on tractors from 15-30 HP.  They produce a very clean and even finish, even on undulated ground.  The bearings are in steel housings which protect them against ingress of dirt and grass, the 3 or 5 cutter heads all over lap to ensure a 100% cut while the high suction cutter blades of specially hardened steel lift grass for a clean finish.

"The best partner for your machine"

ModelCutting widthHP requiredWeight(Kg)
  • Heavy duty bearings
  • High suction cutter blades
  • Easily accessable grease points
  • 4 sizes avaliable

1.5m wide, side discharge currently in stock.

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