yard scraper

Yard Scraper


"New adjustable width design!!"


Rata yard scrapers are purpose built attachments for clearing effluent from the cow shed or feed pad. The huge 150x60mm rubber edge is ideal for use on concrete surfaces, is reversible and will last the test of time. Now easily adjustable from 2.4m - 3.0m wide.  All yard scrapers now fitted standard with side wheels on both sides. Can be made to suit any Loader of Telehandler. 

No muck about with a Rata Yard Scraper!!



Weight (kg)240
Minimum HP70
  • Functional designs - Click here for more info
  • Forged spring steel - Click here for more info
  • High build coating - Clck here for more info
  • Taper sleeve bush - Click here for more info

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