V shape show plough

V Snow Plough


V Shape Snow Ploughs are ideal for fast snow ploughing over unsealed surfaces (paddocks, dirt roads) incorporating our smooth front face paint finish to help the snow roll off to the side effortlessly. A great attachment for rescuing marooned stock after snow storms and also clearing the station/ farm tracks and driveways during winter - doing it faster and easier than any other attachment. Below are just some of the points that make this the best plough for clearing snow;


  • High wear resistant cutting edges and skid plates.
  • Smooth paint finish of the front face enables the snow to roll aside effortlessly.
  • Clears snow for easier stock access to feed or roads for vehicle access.
  • Available to suit most Loaders, Telehandlers & Skid steers.


Check out our other model for sealed surfaces here: Snow Plough





  • High strength steel
  • High build coating - Click here for more info
  • Outstanding manoeuvrability

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