Funnel Bucket

Funnel Bucket




The Rata Industries Funnel Bucket is designed to make filling bags and transferring materials faster, easier & safer.

Fertiliser, Sand, gravel, stone, grain, and most materials can be handled with ease by the Rata Funnel Bucket. 


Rata Funnel Buckets have become a popular attachment for loading seed drills, fertiliser spreaders & helicopter hoppers where reliability & safety is paramount.


Enquire now to find out how we can make your operation safer and more profitable with a Funnel Bucket!

"The Best Partner For Your Machine"

Series CodeFB750FB1000FB1340
Width (m)
Weight (kg)225380428
Capacity (L)75010001340

  • Considerable experience
  • Hardwearing edges and high quality steel plate
  • Functional designs
  • Huge range of options

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