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Rata Wrapped Bale Clamps (otherwise known as soft hands or bale grabs) are the popular choice of Farmers & Contractors in NZ, by being able to handle & transport two bales at once and not damage the wrap.


Features that make the Rata softhands the best are;

  • Narrow arm profile - this makes it easy to stack the bales tight & get the arms between bales that have been stacked tight without damaging the bale wrap.


  • Equaliser bar (removable) included as standard - Equaliser bars ensure consistant & even clamping pressure on the bale at all times & keeps the arms synchronised in movement to prevent strain on the wrap, or loosening of grip whilst transporting.


  • Unique contour of the Bale Clamp hands - can easily handle round or square bales with ease.


  • Vertical nudge bars accommodate the contour & shape of any bale - this prevents damage of bale wrap against back plates or horizontal bars as found on inferior types of clamps


  • Heaviest duty build available - large high tensile pivot pins, heavy duty pipe arms & overall heavy duty build to ensure a lifetime of reliable service.


  • Greasable Equaliser bar - Reduces bush wear & makes for smoother bale handling


Only the one model available by Rata, we dont believe in accommodating a lower standard - so ours is built the toughest to meet the most demanding environments!





Open Width2.1m
Weight (kg)240
Lift Capacity (KG)2100
  • Powerful soft grip
  • Slim arm design
  • Soft nuge bars
  • Removable equaliser bar

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