3 Point Linkage Tow Hitch

3PTL Tow Hitch


Now available with optional Tow Ball attachment!

Incredibly robust frame, incorporating the following features to make it as user-friendly as possible. 

Changeable high tensile tow hook with a towing capacity of up to 15 tonne, as well as a towing tongue wear plate.  Robotically welded, therefore ensuring construction and finish is consistently very high quality.  Clever design incorporating a see-through centre piece, resulting in great vision of pin while reversing.  Total weight of Tow Hitch is only an amazing 60kg.

A neccessary item for every farm. 



Weight (kg)60
Capacity (KG) with 32mm dia tow hook10,000
Capacity (KG) with 38mm dia tow hook15,000
  • Functional designs
  • Forged spring steel
  • High build coating
  • Over 30 years experience

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